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Daddy, What Was the Stock Market

MochaLite Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 8:50 PM
Please: "peace of mind," not "piece of mind;" and "fewer and fewer" (number), not "less and less" (quantity). I agree that the stock market has been degraded; let's not send the English language after it!

I was recently struck by a noted columnist who asked if Facebook was a buy. 

My take on that query is a cross between anger and amazement. 

Years ago, when I entered my first securities training class, my instructor was adamant regarding the difference between a trade and an investment and I spent countless hours learning the significance of each. 

Jesse Livermore once said “an investment is only a trade gone bad.”  I, however, respectfully disagree. 

Unfortunately, mainstream media, pundits of the airwaves, and even analysts/advisors have taken it further than Livermore and have intertwined the meanings...

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