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He did the crime and engaged in this deception knowingly. I think D'Souza is a brilliant man, but he had to know that he was going to be scrutinized by every Agency at this Administration's whim. Perhaps the bar has been set and we will see similar campaign finance crimes for both parties - though I seriously doubt it. The table is tilted in one direction, has been ever since this "transparent" Administration took hold of DC.
Dear Ms Barkoukis - "Powers" does have a given name. It appears nowhere in your article. Perhaps it was edited out. Doesn't excuse her comments. Shades of Anita Dunn.
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A Bitter-Clinger's Non-Remorse

mo'brien Wrote: May 19, 2013 8:33 AM
I'm a bitter clinger. Where can I get my badge?
Not right to comment unless all facts are known. Where did the student learn that this would cause a reaction? Was the motivation a science project for a science fair or just scientific curiosity? If this was a school science project, surely the school had foreknowledge about the nature of the project? Or did they? Were there any guidelines regarding chemistry projects, especially those that mix household chemicals? Easy to vilify the school as PC run amok, harder to judge based upon all the facts because there is a dearth of them. Somehow I feel like some crucial information has not been shared. But if all of the facts have been presented, this young lady has a case.
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Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage

mo'brien Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 9:03 AM
I'm not laughing. It is logical and unavoidable as long as there is a "Religious Right", which the LGBTQ lobby despises.
"Mainstream media" is no longer mainstream. The continued use of that term is practically oxymoronic. "Left wing propaganda machine" is far more accurate.
Journalistic malpractice as an accessory to the attempted murder of America.
Why not increase fines for pot-smoking and then use the additional fines to build schools? Heck, cigarettes get taxed up the wazoo, the additional penalty would just be a pot tax. Maybe an environmental tax for polluting the air to appease the lefties. Aren't fines and penalties just a form of taxation anyway? (Our Chief Justice would seem to concur.)
Health care evolved from a ministry to a business. Opportunists pushed the Catholic Church out of the way to make health care what it is today. Declining numbers in health care ministries, greater government regulation and the cancerous growth of government health care programs have all contributed to the rise in health care costs and out of control insurance fraud. That the Church would support universal health care should not be surprising, particularly since it has been relegated to bystander status in the health care picture (for the most part). Their continued naivete about the tendency toward corruption with large government programs is frustrating. This from the people who preach to us about concupiscence.
That's about as ridiculous as saying that all men (or all women if you prefer) have no right to comment on social issues because some are pedophiles. Frankly, using your logic, unless you have led a saintly life, you have no right to post such a comment. Stop silencing the dialogue by poiunting out past transgressions. There are far more teachers that seduce students, shall we silence all teachers too?
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