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Union Teacher: John Ransom is an Idiot

mnellett Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 1:01 PM
Hi John, good answers. Progressive zombies, those that question anything sane, rational and non-Progressive are dying because of the truth that surrounds them. It is fun to watch them stammer, sputter, and finally tuck their pointy little tails between their legs as they slink back into the darkness of ignorance with which they surround themselves. Thank you for helping make that happen.

I got a lot of comments from the semi-official-always-hilarious Facebook site for the teachers' union regarding my story Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District.

Welcome, to a whole new batch of comrades!   

Kallie wrote: I would like to know the educational experience of John Ransom, or if not experience, the level of research he has conducted on public schools. - Teachers’ Union Expelled from School District

Dear Comrade Kallie,

I’m a parent. That’s makes me a primary consumer of education.

Yes, I know. You think kids are the consumers. But really...

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