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Obama Lunges Toward Global Government

mnellett Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 8:21 AM
Obama doesn't want to govern he just wants the perks that go along with power! Obama doesn't understand economics, doesn't like our Constitution (even though he supposedly taught ) Constitutional law at Harvard). God help any students that took his class. He has absolutely no respect for America's sovereignty and independence. He needs to be regulated to the trash heap of historical incompetence!
Dan107 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 9:27 AM
Obama was never a Constitutional Law Professor. He was a substitute teacher when a professor was off piddlydinking around, not doing his job.
VickyD4Liberty Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 2:09 PM
He's not incompetent. Just a treasonous member of the world elite, trying to establish their New World Order. And he's not the only Nation leader who is calling for such things.
This is a systematic and completely intentional deconstruction of our Country.
Anthony467 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 4:07 PM
Treason implies he's a citizen, I think the word you meant to use is saboteur.
One of the biggest issues in the November election is whether we will continue or stop President Obama's move toward restricting U.S. sovereignty and rushing down the road to global governance. One would think that the obvious failure of the European Union and disdain for the euro would put the skids on global integration, but no such luck.

Obama has such delusions of his own power that he thinks he can do by executive order whatever he cannot get Congress to approve, even Harry Reid's Democratic Senate. Obama's most recent executive order starts off with the extravagant claim that it is issued...