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The military cannot guarentee anything concerning the safety of our troops dealing with this outbreak! Why the hell are our troops dealing with this problem instead of the World Health Organization? The UN's got all the answers, so let them handle it and bring our people back to America. The world doesn't like us anyway.
Progressives were manufacturing fake problems, and then using them to push forward their agenda. This demonization of one's political opponents is taken right out of Saul Alynsky's "Rules for Radicals." The book dedicated to Satan! That should tell you what kind of evil lurks between the pages of that book.
Tom Cotton has what Mark Pryor doesn't...integrity! Get Obama's useful idiots out of office and get America back on track!
The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says very clearly that the right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Now what part of that do these idiots not understand? If Americans would only start demanding their rights instead of caving in to these fascists, America would be a far different country.
In Kansas, Republicans are between a rock and a hard place. Voting for Roberts seems to be the lesser of two evils. Kansas needs to groom a conservative senate candidate for 2020, or sooner if Roberts doesn't physically last his entire term.
To what end Laz? You obviously have no conservative principles nor care about your country. Could it be that you are a progressive troll?
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Krauthammer: "Harry, Give It Up"

mnellett Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 12:23 AM
Harry "The evil Dwarf" Reid has a whole stack of very important, bipartisan House bills involving jobs, our economy, border security and such yet he chooses to spend his time attacking the Washington Redskins as being "racist. He is taking an active part in the elections by picking and choosing candidates for office and funding them through his Political Action Committee. All the while, diseased illegals are being allowed into our country, along with gang member, murderers, rapists, drug pushers and pedophiles. Harry's priorities are screwed up and that is why he needs to be ousted as Senate majority leader. Vote conservative Republican in November.
You obviously have been watching too much MSNBC and drinking the free progressive Kool-Aid while doing so.
There is definitely something in the water in D.C. ( or maybe it's swamp gas) that affects progressives on BOTH sides of the aisle! All the problems that this country faces and the Democrat Senate wants to amend the First Amendment because they don't want the truth about their programs to come out?? REALLY??
It just stuns me that in the 21st Century theses idiot people who go after prayer, faith, beliefs, and God, Himself do NOT understand that the "Establishment Clause is meant ONLY to keep government out of religion, NOT religion out of government, the public square, or any other place. This is what happens when our "public indoctrination centers" (formerly known as our public school system) doesn't teach our kids anything about our government anymore! The atheists can take a long dive down a short well.
O'Reilly is merely suffering from Harvarditis. A condition that results from thinking that an education at any "Ivy League School" makes you equal of God, Himself. O'Reilly has become too much of tyrannical bully for my taste. Facts be damned...right Bill??
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