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Chuck Schumer, like ALL progressives ( be they Democrat, Republican, or whatever) is a liar. Ronald Reagan once said that government is NOT the solution to our problems, government IS the problem. We don't need a bunch of amoral, money grubbing individuals in Washington D.C. tellings us how to do everything from disciplining our children, to what kind of light bulbs to use, to what we can buy, or not buy and ad nauseum! We need to be along with minimal regulation. A government that actually protects us from all enemies foreign and domestic. Handles foreign affairs with a diminished global cop attitude. A government who takes a whole lot less of our hard earned taxes in the middle class realm, and stays the hell out of our states education choices for our children. Schumer is just another power hungry schmuck from New York, or Cantaffordya on the west coast who thinks we ordinary Americans are stupid and need people like him to do our thinking for us. NO THANKS Chuck. You people have done such a bang up job on our country for the last 6 years we'll just handle it constitutionally from here on out!
I wish our gutless Congresspeople , who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution would either grow a pair to stand up to these idiot gun haters and their activist judge friends, or resign and let someone who has the backbone to take their place. By the way, you gun haters keep pushing to try and disarm law abiding Americans and you WILL have hell to pay because we have just about enough of your lawless pursiuts against our freedoms.
If a congressperson does not read, or understand a piece of legislation being offered, with all the professional help available to him or her then their pay should stopped until they do, and then next election they should be removed from office. How many non-politicians can hold onto their job if they don't know how to do it in the private sector??
Spot on true liberal, spot on!
Jay Carney is nothing more than a representation of what progressivism consists of. A philosophy of everyone being a victim, yet offering absolutely NO solutions to any of the problems confronting Americans of ALL colors, creeds, or economic status. Carney has proven to be just as big a pathological liar as Obama, and the rest of his progressive crew. By the way, Bill Kristol is a glaring example of what is wrong with the "Republican" establishment. Instead of responding forcefully with facts and reality, he (they) sit back meekly and deny the lie. Don't just deny it Bill, expose it and throw it right back in their face. Progressives are entitled to their own opinion, but they are NOT entitled to their own facts. The Republican leadership needs to either grow a pair, or get the hell out of the way!
We own a Pomerainian who will eat herself sick then go for more after she loses the first load. The government is the same way. They gorge themselves on the taxpayers money and then spew it in all directions only to go back and ask for more. The dog isn't concerned about wasting the food anymore than the government is concerned about where the money went as long as they can go back and get more food. The only way to control the dog, or the government, is to quit feeding it whenever it wants, and then strictly regulate its' intake.
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Crumbling Constitution

mnellett Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 7:49 AM
EVERY candidate who runs for political office should be required to take a test on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution BEFORE any election, and the results given to the people before said election. American history should be mandatory class all the way from middle school to college level. God says in the bible, "My people perish for lack of knowledge", that is exactly what is happening in America today. Wake up America and know your rights before you don't have any anymore.
It seems government's overt answer to everything is more money, more money. The lack of oversight and accountability of government agencies and programs is proving the argument of conservatives against big government. The CDC is a glaring example. The CDC, World Health Organization, and the UN have known for years that ebola was a deadly virus with no cure, but suddenly in 2014 AFTER it becomes a spreading danger they're all scrambling to contain it. Congress needs to start doing its' job and rein ALL these agencies in like CDC, IRS, Justice, EPA, NSA, DHS, and others for financial and policy errors. How can an agency lose millions and billions of taxpayer dollars and have no clue as to where it went? Starting with political appointees right down to department heads Congress needs to start auditing each agency and department ( instead of allowing themselves to be used as political sledgehammers on the party in power's opponents) and make ALL management accountable for every dime, or excursion off their assigned mission. Heads should roll from the top down to the lowest level of management with criminal action against outright theft, or financial incompetence.To the CDC: how many people have to die in America before you get off your butts and do your job?
Pelosi is such a partisan hack that she feels as if she is one of the "elite" and above all the fray. Pelosi only votes when it benefits her, and/or her family.
The military cannot guarentee anything concerning the safety of our troops dealing with this outbreak! Why the hell are our troops dealing with this problem instead of the World Health Organization? The UN's got all the answers, so let them handle it and bring our people back to America. The world doesn't like us anyway.
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