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America's Mixed Message on Homosexuality

MN_Independant Wrote: May 21, 2012 12:59 AM
Which is why I never raised the question of the existence of either Jesus or Pontius Pilate. Also, the 40+ authors that you speak of were not working independently. I think it is reasonable to assume that each author would have had a knowledge of much of the writings of those that came before them. For instance, there are volumes of work concerning the story of Hamlet, b

In a culture as divided as ours, it’s rare to have a majority on both sides of the debate see something the same way, but it appears as if both a majority of traditionalists (conservatives) and progressives (liberals) have made the same mistake.

As popular culture becomes increasingly aggressive in its promotion of homosexuality, and Americans appear to be more de-sensitized to it, both sides of the morality debate have taken that as a sign to mean the American people are poised to affirm it. The Left, as well as the increasingly pro-homosexual leadership of the Republican Party, confidently believes...