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America's Mixed Message on Homosexuality

MN_Independant Wrote: May 20, 2012 8:13 PM
...the Universe from nothing, but neither can I believe in the veracity of any single Holy Text. I just find it unlikely that among the multitudes of religions that have existed throughout human history there is one that contains the complete Truth. I also find the idea of a God that interacts with the world in a personal way, as portrayed in the OT, to be disconcerting and unlikely. In my mind, the God that can create the immensity of our Universe, that can exist outside of time and space, and that can create life, cannot be the kind of petty God that can be offended. But that is just my personal belief.

In a culture as divided as ours, it’s rare to have a majority on both sides of the debate see something the same way, but it appears as if both a majority of traditionalists (conservatives) and progressives (liberals) have made the same mistake.

As popular culture becomes increasingly aggressive in its promotion of homosexuality, and Americans appear to be more de-sensitized to it, both sides of the morality debate have taken that as a sign to mean the American people are poised to affirm it. The Left, as well as the increasingly pro-homosexual leadership of the Republican Party, confidently believes...