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I can't believe a conservative would say that Romney had done nothing good. All one has to do is some reasearch. Libs only repeat what they hear from the liberal media, never researching for themselves. Evidently this guy is not a true conservative.
Um. All millionaires have their money in Swiss accounts and elsewhere. You know, Bain did shut down companies that they couldn't save, but never a mention of the companies they did save and the jobs that they saved. All liberals want to do is show negativity, never positivity.
We don't know what he did in the meantime. We only know about this one instance because that's what the writer knew about. Give the man a break. He gives many millions to charity, way more that the president or vice president.
Does that even matter?
Nary a word from liberals about the lies and smears from the Obama camp. Guess it's OK when he does it.
Must you use profanity? Don't you have a better vocabulary?
We will vote for Romney because he shares conservative values with us. He was not a draft dodger. His lottery number never came up, and wouldn't come up until after the war was over. He's not the only president that didn't serve. What about Clinton and Obama. I think he wore a suit and tie when he was a missionary, unless his school uniform was a suit and tie.
So true, Adam. That is all so irrelevent now, and not important in the long run.
Do your own research. The story about the hair cut is unsubstantiated, and you are taking things out of context as libs love to do. I guess it's perfectly OK for the president to lie, be sneaky and underhanded, isn't it. You people need to wake up and see how late it is.
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