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Are We Becoming European?

mmoss Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 10:37 AM
I am 76 years old and have already drawn more Social Security than I paid in. However, if my contributions had been invested at a reasonable rate of return I would still have quite a bit left in my account. Technically Social Security should be like an annuity that increases in value not only with additional payments, but also with earnings.

Following the fiscal cliff melodrama, Senator Richard Shelby appeared on television to declare that we are becoming European. "We're always wanting to spend and promise and spend and borrow but not cut. We've got to get real about this. We're headed down the road that Europe's already on."

There's no "heading" about it. We're there. Prof. John J. DiIulio, writing in "National Affairs", outlined the true size of American government. When state and local government expenditures are added to federal outlays, government spending as a share of GDP easily competes with European nations. In fact, per-capita government spending in the...