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An Open Letter to my Black Evangelical Friends

mmgv Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 9:10 PM
This is article claims to seek understanding, asks a questions, and provides a racially stereotypical suggestion. 95% of blacks are not seeking something from the government, 95% of blacks are not on welfare. When you suggest things like that it reflects an ignorance, many black people are turned off by it. Our vote isn't for sale, and to suggest otherwise is one of the reasons Romney lost the election. Secondly we fought hard as a race to earn the right to vote, and the tactics many pulled on the right to limit voting in black and poor communities were a sad state of affairs. I'm not against voter ID, but within months of a major election, changing the laws to target particular voters was against the values the right claim to promote.

I am not writing this letter to accuse but rather to advance understanding. And even though I am white, I am not writing as an outsider but as a fellow evangelical, part of the same spiritual family. May I pose some candid questions?

Are you guilty, on any level, of blind allegiance to the Democratic party? And, on Election Day, did any of you compromise your convictions out of racial solidarity?

I have been very open in my criticism of white evangelicals, pointing out how we often put our trust in the Republican party and how we look to the latest...