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The Secret Kill List

mmercier Wrote: May 31, 2012 9:24 AM
The kenyan is a malignant narcisist with sociopathic tendency. Not a large divergent from any elected president past. People deny their nature when their chosen leaders $hit in the house. We get rid of them... Then get another mutt to crap in the bed. Been going on for a long time.

The leader of the government regularly sits down with his senior generals and spies and advisers and reviews a list of the people they want him to authorize their agents to kill. They do this every Tuesday morning when the leader is in town. The leader once condemned any practice even close to this, but now relishes the killing because he has convinced himself that it is a sane and sterile way to keep his country safe and himself in power. The leader, who is running for re-election, even invited his campaign manager to join the group that decides whom...