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Liberals mostly do not read Town Hall. Given that the media -- including the internet -- are so uniformly left, it is very easy for a liberal to live in a bubble where he or she never has to endure a conservative thought. Our strategy is safe.
Every so often some libertarian mentions "breaking up the big banks that caused the financial meltdown." The only problem is that it is as false as "Hands up -- don't shoot." It was government policy through the Community Reinvestment Act and subsequent laws that caused the meltdown by forcing banks to write bad mortgages.
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Owning Ideas

BigLazlo Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 8:57 AM
Copyright law is out of control, and morphed into eternal corporate ownership of nearly everything that has been published or uttered since the 20th century. "Happy Birthday" is a perfect example. The song originated in the 19th century, but was copyrighted by a predatory corporation in 1935. The speeches of MLK couldn't be used in "Selma" because of copyright restrictions. We desperately need to scrap copyright law and the DMCA and start over. Something like "the author's lifetime or 25 years, whichever is longer" would be more than fair. As far as leaving something to an author's estate, didn't the author make any money off his creation that he could have saved if he wanted to provide for his kids? What we have today is stifling creativity in the name of enriching wealthy corporations who have done nothing more creative than to buy "rights" from an estate. Patents are at least reasonable in their time frame, though lately not in their application.
While the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was founded by some of the more leftist atomic scientists after WWII, it is now made up of peaceniks, environmentalist wackos, and the usual cast of leftist nut-bags. When you see the name "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists", just substitute the Guardian, Rolling Stone, of New Republic for the name and you'll get the proper context. Ignore these idiots.
Of course the 14th amendment didn't abolish slavery. It was the 13th. Or am I missing something?
Why speculate about "some future tyrannical government" when we have one right now?
Muslims already have their enclaves: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Syria, ... Let them go there.
Please give Obama SOME credit for reducing gas prices. If he had't kept the economy in the toilet for the past few years and kept American wages low with his immigration policies, gas prices may well be shooting through the roof about now.
Thomas Hobbes observed that without government (I paraphrase a little) life would be "nasty, brutish and short." We have come to realize that life under government is "nasty, brutish, and interminable."
When I was growing up, I was left alone nearly all the time -- and so were the other kids. We could ride our bikes to any number of mom and pop stores that specialized in selling kids baseball cards, Italian ices, or Dixie cups. We went to playgrounds, explored the woods, watched the Broadway Limited and the Congressional speed past on the Pennsy mainline. All by ourselves. No one ever got hurt. Statistics tell us that the world is safer than ever for children -- so much so that every event involving kids makes the national news, but kids are treated as hothouse flowers and have no independence at all. I had a good childhood. It was like the childhood described in Stephen King's IT but without the psycho clown. The world was full of adventure, and I feel sorry for the bland existence today's children must endure.
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