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This I Believe: A Farewell to Optimism

mmattei241 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:29 AM
Yeah, that greatly expanded individual liberty is working out real well ain't it bub? HAHAHAHA Tell you what pal, take a walk into any inner city, day or night, and than tell me how great it is that over 70% of black babies are fatherless bastards or that INTERGENERATIONAL welfare is now the norm. You're a typical spineless REgressive-into your if it feels good lifestyle-enjoy it while you can because it's all going to come crashing down and it's been my experience, REgressives like like you who've been content their whole lives to have nameless and uncaring bureaucrats run their lives, will be gone in the first wave. Cya in the streets pal.

A few days ago, going through some memorabilia of my mother's, I found the original promotional material for this syndicated column, launched in 1993. I was billed as "A New Conservative Voice for Young Women!"

More than 17 years ago, I set out to explain how a Yale-educated young woman from a secular Oregon family could become a social conservative:

Every life is precious. It is better to care for your children than to kill them. Divorce hurts children; it also breaks apart life's most precious commitment -- a family.

Men and women are different. A society that pretends otherwise is...