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No Need to Pretend; Now it's all about Taxes, Spending, and Power

mmattei241 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 9:25 AM
Sorry Bob, but you were my Congressman in District 7 and while you're a ton better than union thug Perlmutter, you were right there with W voting for his huge increases in government spending-you bub are the GD reason we got shell lacked in 2006-we gave Republicans control of Congress and the presidency and you guys were the ones that destroyed Newt's fiscal sanity. You had the rarest of opportunities to really keep us on an economic straight and narrow and pal, you choked. Whats a matter, the big bad REgressive media made you out to be an evil Republican? Sheesh. I called your office a 100 times and wrote dozens of emails and all I ever got from you was hummmahumma. So take your "I see the light" and stuff it.

During the campaign for re-election, Barack Obama at least made vague references to a willingness to accept $3 trillion of reduced spending in exchange for a $1 trillion dollar tax increase.  The vast majority of his feigned belt-tightening was smoke-and-mirrors beltway accounting gimicks, but at least back then he was willing to pretend.

With the election behind him, the pretence is gone.   Now it is all about higher taxes, more spending, and raw executive power.  That's change you can believe in.

Re-election in hand, Obama is pitching what economist Larry Kudlow calls "a gargantuan $1.6 trillion tax...