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Go look at the whole thread. This idiot wont explain what he is trying to say. So conversation/debate is over.
"Well Michelle is prepping them to take care of the Democrats in Congress." - Larry795 Thats who I was replying to. That is a implied sex joke. And your not laughing because it was stupid & not funny. But I digress.
You're an idiot.
Yea I read it the first time tough guy. You said "these things" WTF is that referring to? Birth control? College or starting a business? Because I brought up all three idiot. So once again Buck O WTF are you referring to & be specific. So I can destroy your weak uninformed arguement.
Lmao. I bet my next paycheck I work more hours than you do on a easy month. Pay for what you fools? Be specific. Birth control? College? Starting businesses? WHAT? WHAT do I think should not be paid for? Or are you just spitting out Fox News type talking points?
What do I feel like I shouldn't have to pay for? Last time I checked college isn't free for nobody I've met & starting a business isn't either SO....Be more specific.
"Remember when the left and Team Obama freaked out when Romney said college students should borrow money from their parents to help pay for college or to start a business?" - Who's parents can afford to do that? Not mine or anybody I know. But I guess its because I'm not from where Romney's from.
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