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You are exactly right! Before " managed care" arrived health care was affordable and good. The same thing happened w/ college tuition. Remember when you could work your way through college? Well, that ended when the government started " helping" w/ government loans. Boy oh boy that's when tuition went crazy! Always fear when you hear, " The government is here to help!"
All this is really a push for communism!
You are so right! Remove God, destroy all religion, break up the family unit, keep as many people dependent on government, divide the races, the genders, the wealthy, from each other, and dumb down the children. Is this the America YOU want? Vote all these evil people out, everyone, get out and vote them out!
It's hard to believe there are so many people deceived by this administration! All of you NOT deceived remember to vote them all out this November!
I agree! I think we need to rally behind Senators Lee & Cruz! True patriots, not RHINOS!!! Our country is in the balance. Why doesn't the GOP work w/ these patriots?
I would like to add, why do we even care? The NYT has lost it's credibility in the news why not in book reviews and ratings?
I like Bret Baier @ 6 PM on FNC. Now that IS news. The rest of them on Fox News, O'Rielly, Hannity are commentators and for one I'm sick of their wining! Watch Mr. Baier and see for yourself.
We should have confronted ISIS when they started their romp across Iraq & Syria! Obama did nothing and ISIS grew stronger. He's weak and the world is taking advantage of him and the Am people are going to be the losers. All I can recommend is VOTE come November and not for any Democrats!
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