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Doesn't mean Obama is qualified for the presidency but he is........Three branches of Gov. That's right, count em....congress, in spite of the rinos, have put a block on amnesty even though the socialist in chief has a pen and a phone. As for the president, intelligence and courage are lacking. These are the only qualifications one needs to be a leader. and to respect and uphold the Constitution
Don't assume that he will do what Obama the socialist does and bypass the Constitution, and Congress. even though this immigration question may be his personal view. We are trying to return the power to the people. The executive branch is supposed to have limited powers.
Now he can file a civil rights action-at-law ,and sue the rotten stupid bastards for half a million or more! Hope he does it!
Funny, how they all love Venezuela but they prefer to live here in the U.S
Right on the money, Larry.....Sean penn also said what a great guy Hugo Chavez was..
Paul Revere gave us a valuable lesson. He rode to warn the colonists TO HIDE THEIR GUNS AND MUNITIONS., as the British were coming to confiscate them. At some point he was detained by the british and a gun was put to his head and was told to tell the truth or his brains would be blown away. What did he say to the british? WE are well armed and if you mess with us you will lose.! They had to learn the hard way. Evidently so do you k1ttee
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Ann Coulter on "The View"

mlovetere Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:35 AM
Ann has a lot of courage among a snake pit of Liberal women....
Where do I get one of these bumper stickers?
Right on, Larry...tell it like it is....
Good article, Star...clear and to the point....
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Joe Biden Shakes Those Chains

mlovetere Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 3:16 AM
Good job, ken, at getting to the truth of the matter!
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