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As long as most of the males in the 'hood lack fathers in their lives no government do-good will be of much benefit. Right now the government actually encourages fatherless families and it ought to stop.
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Cancel the State of the Union

MLNJ Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 10:46 AM
I haven't watched one in years. I certainly wouldn't watch the Kenyan deliver one.
Too bad the Great Constitutionalist refuses to express his opinion publicly regarding the Constitutional meaning of the phrase "Natural Born Citizen,"
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Who Had the Worst Year? Jonathan Gruber

MLNJ Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 8:27 AM
Who had the worst year? People who believe in freedom and the wisdom of the Framers.
Did Obama play golf before he became President? I don't know. I'm asking.
Not much in the way of golf courses in Cuba. Maybe he'll have a couple built first.
I watched the video back when this happened.
I wouldn't be so sure. A guy ran a stop sign and hit me. I was on one of those crosshatched yellow areas looking to make a left turn at a traffic light just beyond where the ramp with the stop sign ended at my road. The yellow paint was half worn out from all the people who do exactly what I was doing. The guy who ran the stop sign apologized to me. The cop who showed up said it was my fault for being in a prohibited area. In the present case we have a jaywalker hit by someone who was drunk. Except this guy was drunk with power.
When two cars collide it is almost always the case that both drivers had opportunity to avert the accident. But one driver is assigned the blame. The policeman deserves the blame here.
I wish that the entire two minutes had been spent on the original crime. That is that "Obama" has forged identity documents. As it is the video flits from one crime to another so quickly that few who don't already know would be able to keep track. By now it should be obvious that the strategy is to commit a new crime virtually every week so that there isn't any sort of focus. Was this week's crime the Immigration Order or was it Ferguson or was it some deal with China or some other since the last news report. Everyone understands FRAUD. Until we all focus on it, and avoid the distractions, the lawlessness will continue.
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