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Wow! Did you really make a spelling error in the headline? Please fix it
This is idiocy. More power to control political speech placed in the hands of bureaucrats. Does anyone who thinks rather than feels about this believe that politicians will not find a way to vote themselves more money and more security in office? Who would decide which candidates are worthy of taxpayer funds? Is it constitutional to take money from a taxpayer to fund speech that he is against? No system that puts more money or power in the hands of government stays uncorrupted.
Does anyone still think that this country can survive with the public school system? I believe that as long as bureaucrats are controlling our kid's education this country will continue on a path to socialism. Parent's need to take control of the education system.
Ouch... I meant "baker" not "backer"
How is it possible for an individual to violate another individual's civil rights? Did the backer assume some position of authority or power in the life of the couple when they requested a cake? Did the baker prevent them from having a cake? Do they have a constitutional right to cake? This is simple. An individual does not have the power to violate liberties. Government's have that power. Therefore the only civil rights violated in this case are of the bakery owners.
While conservatives tend to stand on principles that divide them, leftists stand on the ideals that bring them together. A third party will be a split of conservatives. We already have the Libertarians. I don't disagree with much they say (other than the foreign policy naivety). but do we really think it will help the country to hand all of the power to the left? This is idiotic.
This is straight progressive BS.
Brilliant. I suppose we'll get food to market by bicycle like they do in much of Asia. And, when we have power outages, what will do? Can you imagine if New Jersey and New York had all been electric cars after Sandy? This is unmitigated stupidity.
Lambro, your ignorance of this case in monumental. The "stand your ground laws" do not apply and were never part of this case. If I were smashing your head on the pavement, I'm sure you would think your life was threatened. You would be correct. Slamming someone's head on the pavement is not innocent. This has never been a case of someone being shot in cold blood. This has always been a clear self defense case and in the end the jury recognized that and decided in Zimmerman's favor. This level of ignorance is dangerous.
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What is Islam?

mlimbolimbo Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 9:53 AM
It is what it is, not what it could be. Islam could be a peaceful religion, though I would assert that the seeds of violent hatred are there in the Koran ready to come out again. It could be peaceful. In this world, it is not peaceful. Dreamers deal with what could be, We must deal with the truth of what is.
Defund the government. For too long we have allowed the federal government to take our money and dole it out in "targeted tax cuts" and direct payment to social and educational programs. We have handed our earnings to bureaucrats who in turn give us back some of it if we behave the way they want us to. The only solution is to take all things except those specifically enumerated in the constitution out of the hands of the federal government.
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