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I lived in Boulder for 9 years. The lefties are a very vocal and minority. They usually get their way. Unless it's a matter of commerce. Boulder is also one of the most vibrant centers of creative/inventive commerce in the country. There are upstart businesses everywhere. I witnessed several major left wing attacks on startup businesses when I was there. Not once did the lefties win. Always, people came out in support of the businesses.
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Taxing Online a Matter of Fairness?

mlimbolimbo Wrote: Oct 26, 2014 12:12 PM
First, this is about greedy politicians wanting more money. That is pretty much the whole story. Let's remember whose money they want... Ours. In their rush to tax they have overlooked a few things. Local stores that also sell online will have the additional cost of calculating the taxes for each location they are shipping to. Not an easy or cheap proposition. My bet is that large online retailers won't have a problem with that because it will run the small competition out of the market. Local jobs and income are created by out of state retailers. Someone has to deliver the packages, maintain the trucks... Internet purchases keep drivers off of the road. Road wear, pollution, traffic, and fuel consumption are reduced. Really? How much of that money would ever be used to fill pot holes?
Shortcutting patents if idiotic and is why drug costs are so high now. Patents are there to allow inventors to recover the cost of inventing and benefit them financially for taking the risk. They protect intellectual rights. Shortcutting patents had forced drug companies that spend millions if not billions on development to push products to the market and advertise heavily to try and make a profit on their investment before the generics take over. To get any kind of a return on investment, the pharm cos overcharge. They have to or they will not be able to make their money back and continue developing new drugs. This myth that reducing patent terms and allowing generics sooner cuts costs has got the be confronted. It just isn't true. The sooner generics are allowed, the higher the price of the original drug will be and the less time they will spend in testing.
WE are Caesar. The pastor made a common mistake in thinking that all authorities are rulers. We do not have rulers. We have representatives. When we start treating them as rulers they have license to act as rulers.
And why is it wrong to see a rifle? It's just a tool. In the hands of our people it has been a tool for freedom and good for more than two centuries. Let's celebrate the rifle and let's have a little chat with the morons that think guns are evil. A gun has no morals or values of its own. It has no character. It has no brain. Wait! I just realized that I could sub "School administrator" for "gun".
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Is It Ever OK To Spank?

mlimbolimbo Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 12:35 PM
While the discussion is valid, the undertone is one of government injecting itself into the issue. Parents do not have the right to abuse, but they do have the absolute right and God given authority to decide what discipline their children need without the interference of government. That interference would be one more large step toward the destruction of the family. How about instead of legislation against spanking we give people examples of how to do it properly? We could publicly spank politicians for lying.
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Do We Need Corporal Punishment?

mlimbolimbo Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 7:20 PM
First, Marine drill instructors are not parents. I don't recall being loved by my drill instructors. The comparison is wildly off the mark. Then, comparing Watson and what we would now call emotional neglect is off the mark. Abuse is abuse, whether emotional or physical. Correction, however, is the necessary function of parents. Correction done improperly can be abuse. Done with in love ,as it should be by a parent, it is a good thing. No parent is perfect. None is without anger, but to suggest that because some are abusive all should be denied the ability to discipline their children as needed is foolishness. Can you imagine the consequences of inviting our government to inject itself into our family life in such a way? Parents are responsible for the physical and spiritual well being and raising of their children. Not Government. In cases of clear neglect and abuse the community must intervene. But, never should government inject itself into the family in the way that is suggested here.
Giving in just because there could be a fight is idiotic and it happens way too often. Liberty is lost forever with a whimper.
Hit them hard and now before they recruit or conscript more kids. It's either that or put lots of boots on the ground to do the job. Do we want our soldiers having to chose between shooting children or being shot themselves? This is what happens when we have a coward in the white house.
Geraldo is just another idiot with a platform to speak from. He's not going to convert anyone to his point of view. He might raise his viewership by a few points over the next 24 hours, but the only ones that will keep watching will be the ones that can't find the remote to change the channel. The instructor made an error in judgement or lost focus.The same kind of thing could and does happen with driving instructors.
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