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Mike Lee: Senators Only Had Six Minutes to Read “Fiscal Cliff” Bill Before Voting

mlew Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 5:13 PM
Oh stop it. You guys sound like a bunch of anarchists. This is America. . . .land of ballots not bullets. We need to develop a comprehensive and rational plan and then sell it to the American people. Otherwise we are no better than a South American banana republic or a Tatiban terrorist group.

What could go wrong, right? According to Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, members of the upper chamber had -- at most -- six minutes to read the “fiscal cliff” bill before they voted on it. Little wonder, then, that the so-called “compromise” (save for a few silver linings) was in many respects a complete and total disaster (via Reason):

“Everything about this bill was a failure…you need look no further than the fact that we were given a total of six minutes before we voted on it. Not one single Senator who voted...