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Maryland Governor Uses Gun Grab to Raise Money for Democrats

mleinbach Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 9:49 PM
You are right because Roberts should just tell on Obama for holding his past over his head blackmailing him to pass that nonsense. Obama THREATENED them when they first said it wasn't going to pass. Then it took MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS for them to reach a decision. LOOK, OR CONSTITUTION SHOULDNT NEED TO BE INTERPRETED AS WE GO ALONG!!! AND I BELEIVE FOR SOMEHTING TO PASS CONSTITUTIONAL JUDGES SHOULD BE LIKE A JURY! ALL THE JUSTICES SHOULD HAVE TO AGREE!!! PERIOD!!! NOT JUST A MAJORITY!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!

Maryland recently passed sweeping gun control laws, laws far-left governor Martin O'Malley is more than willing to quickly sign into law. In additon, O'Malley is more than happy to tout his new gun grab while begging for donations to Democrats.

Friend --

I'm excited to share some tremendous news from Maryland!

We just passed a comprehensive public safety package that will take major steps to reduce gun violence -- making our schools safer, and making it harder for dangerous people to acquire weapons.

This is going to make Maryland...

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