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The Retreat as the community was called was in fact a gated community although it had become less so since the real estate bubble had burst and a lot of the units had become rentals. Technically Martin was not trespassing since he had been staying with his father's girlfriend who rented one of the units (see I've read up on the case also) but since Zimmerman, who still considered it a private gated community and not recognizing Martin as a regular resident, considered his behavior (looking into houses as he walked past) suspicious which, considering that Zimmerman was a neighborhood watchman (due to a number of previous break-ins), led him to keep an eye on Martin. The only reason Zimmerman's testimony had holes in it was because people like you would see a simple mistake here and there and turn it into the gaping hole you wanted to see. And after going thru what Zimmerman had gone thru with the trial and media frenzy no wonder he became a loose cannon.
It probably is because they're law-abiding citizens and not criminal law-breakers.
They're being taught to never fight back for themselves so as to become the adult docile sheep that oppressive governments love so well.
It's been over thirty years since I pulled a tour in the army and although I do have my beliefs I can't proclaim that I'm a "bible-thumping-Jesus-freak". But I will still defend to the death your right to be one!
How often do you hear about these oh so environmentaly friendly windmills now killing thousands of birds and bats, some endangered. No, must keep bad facts like that squashed because oil, gas and coal are ever so much more evil and hurtful to the environment.
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The Continuing Wussification of America

mjones446 Wrote: Jun 01, 2013 2:57 PM
I remember when going to elementery school in the 60's while playing with a toy anything when I wasn't supposed to, the teacher would just take it away from me. No over-reaction, no detention, no suspension, no calling the princible much less the cops and not even a letter home because she had COMMON SENSE. Even in high school when I cut out metal throwing stars in shop class, then practiced throwing them in drafting class and one imbedded itself in the bulletin board a foot away from the teachers head as she opened the door to come in, all she said was for me to put my "toys" up and get my butt back to work, which I damned well did, because NOT doing so would have been the thing that got me in trouble. Ahhh, the good 'ol days when calm collected GOOD SENSE ruled.
So was I. Worked 12 hrs a day trying to provide for and raise my son. All I got from the school system (he has ADHD) were excuses, crazy addvice and social workers. Now he's into drugs and has a felony conviction for same. How I now wish that I had enrolled him in the local Christan School back then. Good luck to you.
The leftist atheist socialist PC liberal slime that have almost taken over this country by trying to destroy everything that made the USA great, our government, schools, religion, the Constition, family, work/jobs, and our very thoughts will keep trying as long as they are breathing, yes as long as they are breathing.
Do not forget that the Pentagon recently declared that evangelical christans are "terrorists".
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Idiocies in the Gun Control Debate

mjones446 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 10:39 PM
So by your logic just having a gun gets people killed. Considering there are about 300 million guns in this country why isn't EVERYONE dead.
There are millons of guns in this country and most of them don't have a paper trail to the owner so if someone wanted to sell a gun without a background check ( which would have to be done somehow electronically and cost somebody something ) who would know? So once again only the law abiding would follow the rules. Also the only way this would work is to resister ALL guns and how are you going to do that. And what most knowledgeable people think is that background checks on all gun purchases and transferrs will lead to the confication of any of those guns that later may be outlawed. It happened in California. The fear is real.
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