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DeportNow!! These illegals are criminals....these "supporters" are Mcdonalds, Walmart...trucking Industry....every Criminal Employer who wants LOW WAGE foreigners toMooch off their cheap labor while these mexicans Mooch off the Taxpayers.....Bad News for average American...no Benefit whatsoever...after the wet gets sick of working at his NEW low paid Mcdonalds job he will move on to the More Lucrative Crime Gangs....FBI cnat even COUNT all the mexican gang members in America.........NO AMNESTY...DEPORT NOW.
No Amnesty Ever.
Poor Rubio..got suckered into this Loser Issue....just being Close to this issue will ruin his chances for anything...only a LOSER will get involved with this...AMERICANS are AGAINST it completely....Mccain had to stop his "town hall meetings" fearing revolution! He was AFRAID to hold another one of those Loser Meetings....plus people could see how Crazy he is....lol. He was chuckling how everything was a "Banana"?? OK Grandpa...time for yer nappy???
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The Other Immigration Crisis

mjones330 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 11:28 PM
yep...they are wasting WAY too much time on this "legislation" it is a non-starter with the American Voters.....WHY would any SANE American Want these Illegal Aliens rushing in to take their jobs and Prosper????????? The working man does NOT have this luxury of giving things away..or voting for moochers to jump to the front of the line....Not a Big Winner if you plan on getting re elected in 2014....they better get Interested in the American Citizen NOW!!!!!!!
IF these were LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who had been in LINE for citizenship...he would look better...but supporting Line Jumping illegals??? They fill up our prisons already...use th e E.R. in our hospitals for Primary Care.....suck off every conceiveable gov. handout......Americans Do NOT support these people OR this Amnesty....these people are CRIMINALS......being associated with this legislation is NOT going to get any candidate elected to anything.
Rubio has NO CHANCE Now...he is siding with LOSERS....this issue is D.O.A. Americans do certainly NOT support Criminal Aliens.
Mccain keeps saying "most Americans support a path to Citizenship for Illegals". This is a LIE. Most Americans could care LESS about an illegal Alien and ARE concerned about THEMSELVES, THEIR jobs, Their Family...Their opportunity. Americans do NOT have the LUXURY that a wealthy MCCAIN has to BE a SANTA CLAUSE for 3rd world criminals. He is SENILE and prattles on about not having enuff Busses for deporting "THEM" so we might as well give them whatever they want????? The Ramblings of a Crazy Man!
Yep the Old Guard dont want to nominate an Anchor Baby....Rubio has no chance....
Thats Right....rubio was born to Wetbacks......how Gross....were they lettuce pickers?
he will have ZERO chance to be Nominated...displaying that he is a SAP.... this Amnesty is NOT popular...that is going to become quite Apparent. All theseschmucks better distance themselves fromthis Amnesty for lettuce pickers and get on to something of INTERST to American Voters.
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