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Top Television Shows Today Full of Garbage

mjohansen Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 6:15 PM
There's less hope than you think. I watched Flashpoint for a while. Then there was an episode where an innocent man is being stalked by a maniac who wants to kill him and his daughter, and so he begins carrying a gun for self defense. And throughout the episode this is portrayed as dangerous and irresponsible and insane. We're clearly given to understand that he should rely on the police to protect him. In the climax, the killer finds him and has a drawn gun and is planning to shoot him, and so the innocent man draws his own gun to shoot back, and then the Flashpoint team arrive and order the VICTIM to drop his gun, while the murderer still has a gun pointed at him.
katepatate Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 8:55 PM
We are all being brainwashed. It's time to turn off the boobtube and spend time with our families, read some good books, read the Good Book, and have friends over for a meal and to play games. People did much better without all the trash that is on television and being brainwashed by the network news shows and liberal media. Just say no to TV.

If you stopped watching network television awhile ago because it had gotten so bad, you made the correct decision. It has continued to get worse. A few years ago, network television became dominated by cheaply made reality TV shows and talent contests, sitcoms with hyperactive manic characters, and socially liberal themes. Television has always pushed the edge when it comes to socially progressive themes. But at what point does it go too far? Perhaps when there are no other options left during prime time network TV.

The top ten most popular TV shows last fall contained few choices for...