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Ted Cruz's Speech to Arab Christians

mjohansen Wrote: 4 hours ago (3:23 PM)
Before I judge I'd like to hear the whole speech. I read a lot of news stories on this right after the event that all gave the impression that the audience was a bunch of anti-Semites. And given the biased nature of our media, I found myself wondering what Cruz actually said to make them mad. From the quotes here, I can understand it: They organized a conference to talk about persecution of "their group", and a speaker comes in and tries to change the subject to persecution of another group. If someone organized a conference on problems faced by black people in America, and a speaker got up and started talking about how hard life is for Hispanics and how the "real problem" is persecution of Hispanics, I imagine he wouldn't be received very well either. I don't disagree with Cruz's statements as quoted here, but they seem totally inappropriate to the event.
Let me explain the irrefutable evidence for global warming to you: Some people who call themselves scientists say it's true. What, you say you want to hear the evidence? But I just told you! A guy who calls himself a scientist -- and he clearly must be an expert because he was on TV -- said it was so. What more evidence do you want? You want to see data on actual temperatures over time? Oh, so you won't just take the word of a scientist then. You must be one of those anti-science religious fanatics.
Funny how liberals say that telling teenagers to control their sexual desires is pointless and ineffective and infringes on their freedom. Then the next day they'll say that we need to have sessions where we lecture teenagers on how bad racism and sexism and homophobia and bullying are. If lecturing is an effective way to reduce, say, homophobia, why is it not an effective way to reduce promiscuity? The very idea that encouraging people to do X is not going to lead to more X and discouraging people from doing X is not going to lead to less X is foolish. OF COURSE some people will do X no matter what anyone says. But many, many people will not do X when their parents, teachers, the entertainment they watch, the government, and in general everyone around them says that X is a bad thing. Yes, teenagers will have spontaneous sexual thought no matter what you do. But do you really, honestly mean to tell us that putting a picture of a barely-dressed woman on the TV screen is not going to lead a boy who was not thinking about sex at all at that moment to start thinking about sex? Have you ever met a real live human being and observed how they behave?
The idea that Christianity teaches that anything fun is inherently wrong is a silly and absurd slander put out by non-Christians. Christianity, like any rational world view, says that there is an appropriate time and place for everything. Yes, Christianity says that sex should only be done within a marriage. To say that is an "anti-sex" attitude is absurd. If I say that I don't think you should drive a truck through a kindergarten playground at 90 miles an hour, does that make me "anti-automobile"? If I say that you should plug the power cord of your computer into the power socket and the network plug into the network socket and not the other way around, does that make me "anti-technology"? No, that makes me a sane and reasonable person who understands that things are only safe, indeed may only work at all, when you do them right. We could rationally debate if the rules of Christian morality are indeed the best, but to say that any rules at all are inherently stifling your fun is ridiculous. If you think the Bible is anti-sex, read Song of Solomon. It's a whole book about how much fun sex is and can be.
So instead of "do and believe as John Hawkins says", your solution is, "do ad believe as I say". Duh. Anyone giving suggestions is, of necessity, going to imply that his suggestions are good ideas. Nowhere did Hawkins say "do this because I said so". He's saying we should do these things because they are objectively good. And while it's true that crime is down, I don't see how you can possibly say that deviance is down. I suppose you could have an unusual definition of deviance.
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A Wee Problem for the UK

mjohansen Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 1:42 PM
If Texas secedes, I think I'll move there.
Things that will obviously help to protect a woman from being raped: Giving more lectures in which people say that rape is bad. Wearing "I'm against rape" pins and t-shirts. Things that would obviously be useless in protecting women from being raped: Having more police on campus. Encouraging women not to get drunk and go home with strangers. Encouraging women to carry guns and know how to use them.
We solemnly pledge to obey the laws of our state, and of our nation, as long as they do not conflict with our personal whims.
Hey, things are definitely improving! A year ago the IRS only followed the law when it they felt like it. Now at least we're up to "whenever it's reasonably practical".
I have to disagree. If to commemorate the death of a Muslim team-mate the team had put a Muslim crescent on their helmets, I can't imagine that "not a single word would have been uttered". I'm absolutely sure that there would have been lots of words said: all sorts of fawning praise for how they were "celebrating diversity" and "fighting bigotry".
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