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I'd love to see a poll asking how many people find this accusation a persuasive reason to vote for Ms Davis. I'm guessing it's at least 30%.
Hey, if they're sitting at home, they may be wasting money, but at least they're not actively harming the rest of us. If it's a choice between paying a government bureaucrat to do nothing, and paying him to drown me in stupid regulations, spy on me, and take away my freedom, I choose (a).
Remember when the liberals all said how terrible it was for Live Action to sneak into abortion centers with a false story and to secretly film the people there? Funny how when pro-lifers do it, it's deception and unethical, but when pro-choicers do it, it's "investigative journalism".
Yeah! It's like Prius dealers: they pretend to be selling people real live cars, they trick people into coming to their dealerships with deceptive ads that make it look like they are selling regular cars, and then when you get there they try to talk you into buying one of these "hybrid" things! And please, don't even get me started on the fake grocery stores that turn out to only sell "health food"! Is this legal? Why are people allowed to sell products that are substitutes for the products that I think people should buy? It's deceptive and confusing. :-)
Not only does Ms Paltrow make more money than 99+% of the men in the world hope to dream of, but she makes all that money largely because she is a pretty woman.
Saying, "Religious people, like Muslims and Christians ..." is like saying, "Political parties, like Nazis and Democrats ..."
If a Muslim does something evil -- like, say, killing someone for converting from Islam to Christianity or some other religion -- it is simple bigotry to blame all Muslims for that. What IS fair is to say it is "religious extremists". Then to say that Christian Fundamentalists are also religious extremists. Then to say how this prove how dangerous Christians are. Fact: Muslims kill Christians. Conclusion: Christians are violent and dangerous.
Classic liberal reaction to a conservative claim: Step 1: That's a lie! No such thing has ever happened or ever will happen! (Or: Of course we are absolutely against that! There's no way we would ever support such an extreme position!) Step 2: Well, sure, that happens, but it's a very minor issue. You're blowing this way out of proportion for cheap political points. Step 3: You should be glad that this happens! It's a great thing. Step 4: Okay, this has caused a lot of trouble, but it's far too late to undo it now. It's become a part of American society and too many people are dependent on it. That's pretty much been the Democrat trail on every issue: Abortion: "We would never support abortion" to "Very few women really get abortions" to "abortion is a positive good" to "too late -- women now rely on abortion". Communism: "Of course we are against Communism!" to "Communism is not a threat" to "the Soviet Union is really a very nice place to live" to "there's nothing we can do about the Soviet Union". Etc. Oh, and if conservatives do manage to actually reverse some bad thing that liberals created or supported, they add Step 5: "WE ended this bad thing and now those evil conservatives are trying to bring it back." Remember? Republicans ended slavery, and now Democrats claim credit for it. Republican policies defeated the Soviet Union, and Democrats promptly crowed how "we" had defeated communism. I'm sure that if abortion is ever ended, Democrats will boast how they ended it and Republicans are trying to bring it back.
As a programmer, I object to being lumped in with elitists! It seems to me that the problem with most of America's elite today isn't that they have proven expert in one field and think this makes them experts in all fields. Though of course that would be a faulty assumption. No, the problem is that they have excelled at NOTHING other than making themselves celebrities, and they think this makes them experts at EVERYTHING. It is especially absurd to see actors giving their opinions on the great issues of the day, and clearly expecting people to pay more attention to them than they would to a random guy in a bar. They have proven their ability to do ... what, exactly? To memorize words written for them by others, and to put on fake emotions. Okay, admittedly that's a skill that some people can't master -- we've all seen bad actors. But it's a pretty meager skill. And professional politicians, what have they proven to be good at? Calling a lot of attention to themselves and making a lot of noise. I guess Warren Buffet as at least proven that he is good at SOMETHING.
If the police try to arrest a gun owner for failing to be re-fingerprinted, can he just say, "Sorry, I lost the letter telling me I had to do that"?
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