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A Clever Example of Tax Avoidance, but a Quandary for Leftists and Social Conservatives

mjohansen Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 6:03 PM
As a social conservative and a Fundamentalist Christian, I am opposed to inheritance tax in principle. The whole idea of inheritance tax is that someone who saves his money during his lifetime so he can leave it to his children should have to pay higher taxes than someone who spends all his money on drunken binges, gambling, and strippers. The government is punishing citizens who provide for their children and rewarding those who squander wealth. That said, I just laugh at this case. It's a victory by the sexually immoral over the greedy, Deadly Sin #5 over Deadly Sin #2. I'm slightly disposed toward the gay couple on the reasoning that the government would surely use the money to do all sorts of harm, while the gay couple are going to ... practice their lifestyle ... regardless.