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Bank of America Assaults Gun Client

mjc2012 Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 8:44 AM
Anybody that banks with BOA is helping to undermine the U.S. Constitution. Though many don't believe in boycotts, I say; take a cue from Rules For Radicals and let's hurt their bottom line. This can be done done in many ways and with many people who push un- American agendas. Hollywood is the biggest offender. Don't go see the movies starring Sociaslists\Communists. Avoid buying products from companies that support Obama. Then, vote these commies out of office in Nov.. Support the Constitution or be prepared to live in Tyranny.
Joan362 Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 12:00 PM
American citizens - patriots who love this country and what it stood for should start boycotting all anti-American businesses and Hollywood and the MSM are the first. We don't need to listen to half truths, misinformation, liberal loon people. When the populous starts figuring out the the people in MSM and our corrupt Congress are in it for money and power. They have been bought out by George Soros. Congress who DID NOT VET Obama in 2007-2008 should be tried for treason - they took an oath to protect the citizens of this country and the Constitution - Gitmo would be a good place. When they call for donations - tell them NO -UNTIL THEY HAVE THE GUTS TO INVESTIGATE OBAMA!...Cowards that they are -

Growing up, whenever I would gripe, carp, grouse complain or kvetch about the various rules laid down by my parents, I was gently reminded of an old maxim: “If you take the king’s shilling, you do the king’s willing.” Translation: As long as you are living on our nickel, you will do what you’re told, when you’re told, and without any back-chatter.”

With that in mind it is interesting to note the news that broke yesterday that Bank of America has decided to end its relationship with McMillan Group International.

The reason?

Apparently the bank has severed the ties...

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