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Rand Paul: “The Threshold For War Should be a Significant One”

mjagger Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 4:22 PM
rAND IS A MEALY MOUTHED IDIOT LIBERTARIAN WHO WANTS (oops!) who wants it both ways on most issues. He will never be POTUS because of legalizing drugs and being pro-abortion. America has taken its global responsibilities to heart. Everything from keeping the free trade shipping lanes open, to spreading democracy (some places do not want it). We are where we are. That debate can be had - but we can't NOT do it! Who else will? Does Rand want Wal-Mart to have their own army so our government does not have to keep the shipping lanes open? You see where I am going. Stop pushing Rand - the media is going to eat us alive!!! AGAIN!!!!
Stuart95 Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 7:43 PM
What do you mean by "us"?

And please don't tell me that there are 100 million conservatives in this country just looking for a leader.