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Leave Liberal Hollywood to the Liberals

mjagger Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 9:20 AM
I agree with the article to an extent. If what we viewed on TV did NOT affect our actions, TV as a consumer product would cease to exist. We have to sell those used Buick's after all. I would just like to see a studio put out an old fashion show( juiced up) along the lines of Bonanza, Rat Patrol, the Rifleman, All in the Family etc... Something like a Louis L'Amoure book each week. Typical good vs. evil, and what is construed as right and wrong in a traditional sense. It would sell big time; but, like the print media, MSNBC et. al, they don't care if they go bankrupt. They refuse to foster, or promote traditional values. Too bad really, they could make a good buck!
Wo Fat Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 10:06 AM
Louis L'Amour is a great example. I just looked him up on and I realized I had no idea how many of his novels and short stories made it to the big and little screen. He must have made money for somebody!

Definitely a family values type guy, but hardly the sort to preach. There was certainly no shortage of action and gunplay (some of it bloodcurdling) in his works. You have to start with a good story. Liberal Hollywood has such a long tradition of taking good stories and trashing them.

"We need to buy a movie studio."

Amid the umpteen conferences, panels, meetings and informal conversations in the wake of the presidential election, this idea has been a near constant among conservatives who feel like the country is slipping through their fingers. Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee combined raised just more than $1 billion, and all we got are these lousy T-shirts. Since conservatives are losing the culture, goes the argument, which in turn leads to losing at politics, maybe that money could be better spent on producing some cultural ammo of our own?

It's a bad idea.