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As Thos Sowell says so well, you have to know what the presidents goals are to know if he has failed ". He got O-care, Dodd frank, The dream act, and now he is going full throttle on changing the electorate - while lighting the middle east on fire and emboldening Russia and China. Who says this is not exactly what he is trying to do? Fundamental change baby!
I think Ferguson will be quite instructional for the nation. This is Obama's baby. Just one more nail in the coffin of socialism - for a while anyway.
Is anyone surprised? Other than finally people in the know are starting to squeal. There will be more of this after Jan 6th.
Once McConnell is in and starts putting bills up for a vote...the democrats will abandon Harry. There was just not enough political courage for anyone to replace him right now. I would love to see them take another vote once Mitch is leader. Is it possible for him to call for a new vote on the minority leader once he is "leader"?
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Educational Fraud

mjagger Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 11:54 PM
The GOP could use this as the worst human/civil rights abuse of the century for black America - perpetuated by the democratic party. It is a political winner for the GOP in 2016. On the human side it is such a shame schools are allowed to get away with this. Can each high school be hit with a class action suit by former, and current enrollees who are given these useless/fraudulent diplomas. I say why not!! Take it to the local school districts - and the corrupt unions. Sue the teachers for socially promoting/inflating the grades of under performing students as well.
Who wants the cable companies to slow down theiryour internet speed to give it to someone who pays a higher price. It is just like the old phone companies who installed all the utility poles, and phone lines, can't block out competitors since we can't mount 4 different layers of utility poles everywhere - so competitors have to just pay them rent on the lines. How many "premium" cable packages are enough to make "basic" subscribers service so slow as to be near useless - there is only so much bandwidth. Am I missing something? If Obama likes it, I recoil; but on this one I may need more info than ole Bob gave me in this piece.
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What Happened?

mjagger Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 12:45 AM
The only legacy Obama is interested in s how many big ticket progressive policies and programs he was able to get done. These nuts have been trying for 100+ years to get socialized medicine through. Change the fabric of the country with Amnesty - Dodd Frank -IRS as a political weapon. He has been AWESOME!! A progressive lion!
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Two Hidden Factors in the 2014 Campaign

mjagger Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 12:31 AM
The mandate is the American people hate socialism - the democrats - and Obama. That is good enough for me BABY!!
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Obama's America Isn't Showing Up for 2014

mjagger Wrote: Nov 01, 2014 1:44 AM
I can't stand Obama because he is a radical socialist bent on finally giving America what he and Rev. Wright think it deserves. It is hard to blame him for his incompetence in a general sense, but that would be to assume he doesn't really want to happen - what he is causing to happen. Our worst fears are his plan. I won't get my hopes up - but of course a wipe-out would be sweeeeet!
She is HOT! I would vote for him every time!
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