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Is it odd that no one here on this thread is stunned - or amazed at these revelations. How sad is that for our country?
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The Petro-States in Shambles Despite Obama

mjagger Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 10:05 AM
$3.00 a gallon is cheap? It should be drilled down to $2 so we can cripple the SOB's of the world, and have our economy take off. What is the rock bottom production cost for the US in price per gallon of gas? What would gas prices be if oil were $70.00 a barrel?
Voluntary is the only way to go - unless there is a war on - then all bets are off.
And then you ride in a wambulance?
SNORT-cough! Still laughing - Good one!
" Obama: I Hugged and Kissed Emory Hospital Nurses and I Don't Have Ebola ..." None of the hugged or kissed cared for the dead Moron. This is a microcosm of every effing excuse-argument-lie that these commies have been putting out for 6 years, think about it. "No one gave a stand down order", they just said don't go.
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Exercise, Routine and Life

mjagger Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 5:19 PM
What a useless article!! So useless... I had to comment. " Ulrik Wilson, a professor of exercise science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology". Is this like women's studies? SNORT-Laugh-Guffaw!!
Is this is payback for the white world unleashing our diseases on the brown world for the last 10 centuries? Maybe us imperialists had it coming. This is a pretty serious chicken coming home to roost!!
This is payback for the white world unleashing our diseases on the brown world for the last 10 centuries.
Billy Grahams kid has been bringing in people who have been in and out of these areas for months - why the special treatment? Ebola only needed a top notch transportation system - it now has one here. If our trans system was in Africa, millions would already be dead, and the entire continent would be on fire. Our government has voluntarily unleashed a WMD attack on our own country. WMD = nuclear-chemical-biological weapons. Ebola is more feared than small pox. Every instance in this episode where the CDC has been involved they have screwed it up - 100% of the time. Grahams people at Emory was a private affair. To get to live Ebola virus in the CDC facilities one has to go through four (4) separate airlocks. Why would we have ANYONE with the active virus in our country, citizen or not? The decision to bring this into our country is madness on par with - let's exterminate 6 million JEWS!! The ineptitude of big government, and the elite and anointed who know best in this instance is like leaving 40, 5-6 years olds in a large room with 25 loaded pistols. These people are out of their minds!!
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