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I've worked in organizations in the private sector where developing a computer system for a small fraction of the cost of the failed Obamacare website (10% actually) meant the difference between the life and death of the company. When the system FAILED, a whole lot of heads rolled, including the CEO and most of IT.
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The Knockout Game -- NYT/NPR Say No Big Deal

MJ84 Wrote: Nov 28, 2013 12:15 PM
I have a young black man on my staff who has a wife and four children. For years they lived in the inner city in Atlanta because his wife wanted to be near her parents. After years of being afraid to leave the house after dinner, seeing his children conditioned to fall to the floor if they heard a loud noise from outside, and having his kids beg to move away so they didn't have to deal with "the garbage people" who populated the neighborhood, they finally moved to the suburbs. Now her parents visit them, and are glad to get away from "the garbage people" if only for a little while.
Several years ago I was on a flight to London seated next to a meterologist who was doing hid doctoral research in Scotland. He had a grant to study CO2 emissions around manufacturing plants. I asked him if, since plants breathe CO2, if it is such a problem, why don't we just plant more trees, grass etc. His research was supposed to determine HOW MANY trees one would need to plant to take up the CO2 from the manufacturing facility. I said, "No disrespect, but the sounds pretty stupid." But then, a lot of doctoral dissertations are pretty stupid.
Even more relevant is the decline in prices for medical procedures like lasik and cosmetic surgery. Why? Because health insurance does not cover these procedures, they are paid for by the patient, so market forces are brought to bear. Basic supply and demand economics. I don't hear a lot of ads on the radio for gallbladder surgery, but those lasik docs sure do advertise. Let's get the consumer back into the healthcare decision. making and you will see prices go down.
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