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Netanyahu at the UN: Iran and Al Qaeda "Are All Rooted in the Bitter Soil of Intolerance"

MJ117 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:52 AM
Want to see a conspicuous infiltration into our wellbeing in the U.S. that you will be called a racist if you point it out? Look around hospital ERs & ICUs especially in areas where veterans predominate in the population Look at the nationalities of the MDs having control where your own life or the life of your family are balanced on a thread How much would you think a Muslim with a history of animosity toward your people & clear hatred of rural communities supporting veterans would do to sabotage your possibility of survival, would enjoy your suffering being increased Why is it that *malpractice* cases in the courts have been increasing rapidly beyond the supply of lawyers We saw racially hateful remarks put in patient records

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just wrapped up his remarks at the 2012 United Nations General Assembly in New York City which included literally drawing a red line for Iran, showing the world the status of Iran’s nuclear program and pointing out  the dangers of radical Jihad. Netanyahu also solidified, once again, Israel’s right to exist.

“Three thousand years ago, King David reined over the Jewish state in our eternal capital of Jerusalem,” he said opening his speech. “I say that to all of those who proclaim that the Jewish State has no roots in the region and that...