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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

MJ117 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 12:33 PM
Williams' scenario is full of holes... try this on for size... the countries are run by psychopaths who have successfully risen over the quiet people and those groups that are more organized are raging against the sources of their misery (i.e. the elite) without taking their class-blinders off...... seems to fit much more closely than this game of pitting group against group and calling it the reality that the elite are superior....... williams seems to have adopted the role of defender of the elite of the western world, ignoring the slave labor in this country's racially biased 'law enforcement' and prison arm... ignoring the elite (lawyers, bankers and MDs) who torment those not of their class and are immune from prosecution, courtesy of the lawyers who wrote the laws that made these classes untouchable by those who are aggrieved... and that includes the Muslims who have come here to enjoy their psychopathic glee from the safety of the established sanctuaries of the elite..... ttyl
Boy are you naive, when we've seen the evidence that cops in trouble band together and the perpetrator of the crime gets his comrade to solidly deck him so the perp can walk into the hospital for immediate attention and a medical rubber stamp on his lie that he was attacked by his victim..... go on back to sleep, you need to revise your fantasy of blue-walls not existing.... the perp in this case about ran over the 'jaywalkers' that he was angrily intending to threaten for ignoring his orders, and his door was practically unable to open without forcing movement by his intended victim...... ttyl
Too bad your vision is so faulty, since the Wilson fraud only had jaywalking as the crime until he clumsily backed his car up too far and couldn't make his exit decently and GRABBED THE KID doing nothing more at the time than jaywalking, b/c no data on the shoplifting (reported by a customer, not the store) had been given to the Wilson-fraud, so he was strictly engaging in molesting a jaywalker and lost his cool when the kid pulled free of THE MOLESTING COP..... whatever happened after has been because the cops KNOW THEY ARE GUILTY AND WERE ON EDGE WITH THEIR GUILTY EXPECTATION OF TROUBLE,,, which they now have in SPADES... possibly you need to read more before OPINING...... ttyl
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Who'll Build the Roads?

MJ117 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 1:02 PM
You thoroughly ignore the unhealthy aspect of crowded city life with its barren buildings, sterile garish colors and mind-numbing advertising in every direction... not to mention the hostility to small children and animals - pet and other...... cities are horrid living conditions... the simple absence of leafy environments reduces intelligence and makes for tormented energies.... And worst of all, you seem to think that machine agriculture is the way to get decent food... wrong... we need to be more wholesome in our proportion of lifetimes spent on manual and animal care, whether habitat or farm... Stossel is at least right in the idea that bureaucrats favor concentration of their victims, as we've seen in the clear split between county employees that facilitate what people desire to accomplish and those who simply are dictocratic thugs... the thugs favor the sewer systems that demand concentrated living to make them even close to economically doable (never mind the insanity of the pollution problems they cause) and attempt with every fiber of their being to obstruct locals trying to do composting toilets and greywater wetlands.... and 'health' department is just one example among many... Your solution violates human rights, unlike Stossel's who at the least recognizes that people should have the right to choose their 'poisons' and be intelligent enough to monitor the effects and take care of the consequences including changing course.... that's what it means to be a free people... and judging by the results of city living, the ultimate path is not there for many or for long so sustainability thinking demands the cities be expected (not legislated) to be of limited size and use... ttyl
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Rand Paul and the Gutless Generation

MJ117 Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 9:23 AM
You want guts and leadership, as well as insight into foreign entanglements, go read that classic by the US Marine Maj General Smedley Darlington Butler -- War is a Racket -- and then tell yourself you really should revise your opinion on US entanglements, since Butler served in all ranks from 2nd Lt to Maj Gen and held sway militarily for US interests on three continents. Learn from him and then you'll see why the Senator Paul's leadership is the right one. ttyl
So we should look for competing 'groups' of oligarchs -- among the controllers of banking, drug (dealing/delivery/manufacturing) resources, media, and real estate -- so that we might be ID-them and be able to use each side to damage the other in their CEO and government corrupting activities... lots to think about... ttyl
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