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He mixed his...well..., whatevers. Typically one looks down one's nose, or turns up one's nose to show disdain.
Um...exactly who is now occupying the body formerly known as Chris Matthews?
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The Sexual Humor in Not Having Sex

Miz Mak Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 10:00 PM
IMHO Mr. Siggins' doesn't need to worry about his wife. His faith is in the Living God, the Father and Creator of mankind, to meet his needs. He will provide the wife that the author needs. And whether or not she is a virgin like himself will make no difference to him, as he will be receiving her as a gift from God. Blessings, Mr. Siggins.
So....that's just part of Dr. Adam's legal costs. This doesn't even take into consideration the Universities legal costs plus what they needed to pay to compensate Dr. Adams. All told, we're likely in this for well over a million dollars. don't want the bridge....? ;->
Perhaps I should have been clearer. The headline is a lie. The entire campaign did not end on May 21st when he had spent the specific amount they claimed as the total on the whole campaign. My bad. Then maybe you wouldn't have missed the point, which is they need to do better. If Townhall is going to skew it's reporting like the MSM, why should I even? But hey...if wanting truth in reporting is "nitpick"ing to you, then I've got this bridge to sell you....
Misleading headline. The 122,000 figure was as of May 21st. better.
And if someone will give him Mr. Meis address, he'll have a box o cigars to share at the bachelor party!
This corrupt and evil administration displays no respect for the law, the military or for the American people.
Of course. A narcissist cannot see the world any other way. It IS all about him. That is his perception, and therefore, according to the saying, it is reality. Since the left is all about the victim paradigm, this is simply red meat for them. "Poor Obama!" The problem is, these people still believe their perception is reality, no matter how much this "naked emperor's" reality - read, derrière - strides across the national and international stage. It seems the left will blame the opposition even as they watch BHO blow the smoke off the gun he just shot them with.
When will anyone recognize that this is not a president, this is a dictator, and remove him from office? This is just beyond blatant!!!
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