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And if someone will give him Mr. Meis address, he'll have a box o cigars to share at the bachelor party!
This corrupt and evil administration displays no respect for the law, the military or for the American people.
Of course. A narcissist cannot see the world any other way. It IS all about him. That is his perception, and therefore, according to the saying, it is reality. Since the left is all about the victim paradigm, this is simply red meat for them. "Poor Obama!" The problem is, these people still believe their perception is reality, no matter how much this "naked emperor's" reality - read, derrière - strides across the national and international stage. It seems the left will blame the opposition even as they watch BHO blow the smoke off the gun he just shot them with.
When will anyone recognize that this is not a president, this is a dictator, and remove him from office? This is just beyond blatant!!!
Stevenson? You are right. I agree with your original remarks about 5 hours ago. It is unfortunately difficult to find substantive conservative responses to the liberal mindset without those things. It dismays me that Townhall in recent years has sarcasm in their headlines. The minute those things enter in, I have a hard time believing there is anything substantive in the piece. But it is equally dismaying to see those kinds of things in comments/responses from Christians.
Doug, you just pulled your head out of your backside last year...meaning you've been being rejected all this time? I'm confused....
Don't forget white privilege, inequality and the 1%.
Dr. Mike, While I am all in your range...I began to wonder something after once again laughing at UNCW's well deserved expense: what would it take from UNC for you to discontinue the public take-downs of your employers? Just wondering. Miz Mak
Um...Excuse me, FLOTUS, but who politicized the nation's "health crises" first?
I am confused. If he is an honorable man, why did he plead not guilty at first, then guilty now?
Exactly. This is what it all boils down to. Destroy freedom.
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