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David French Slays Goliath

Miz Mak Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 7:00 PM
Here's a radical notion: gain credibility by actually knowing what you are talking about. Just sayin'
Stupefying how facts don't mean anything anymore to our culture. While we - on this board - truly do only have your word on it, that is enough to cause me to think I may not have all the answers and open my mind to their possible truth. On the other hand, I find Ms. Coulter's article stunningly offensive and can find no eternal good in publishing it, ever if the missionaries act in such a manner. Both are shameful.
[Sorry. Premature post...] the door when you enlist, but serving under a Commander-in-chief while publicly objecting to him - like bumper stickers - is clearly a conflict of interest and insubordinate. I am NO fan of the current White House inhabitant - won't even call him by his title...he doesn't deserve it - but for all intents and purposes, the man is MSG Sommer's boss. I certainly wouldn't keep my job - nor would I expect to - if I drove my private car with a bumper sticker slamming the superintendent of my school district. INHO, he needs to own up to his passive aggressive defiance and be grateful he wasn't dishonorably discharged. Just sayin'...
Frankly, while I don't like what was done to MSG Sommers, I have to say I agree with their objections to his anti-Obama expressions. No, you don't check your right to free speech at
Oh come on! Let's not pretend, just because the regime is. This is no crises to this administration...not a catastrophe at all! This is right on schedule! Why, up there at the White House, they're high fiving, celebrating and shooting their guns off in the air just like Al Queada when the Twin Towers came down! Why, this is better than they hoped! What I canNOT believe is how anyone could in any way NOT see the glaring truth that this is all by design, anymore! This "president" won't even pretend to care! Instead, when he had a chance to even minimally provide a photo op of concern at the border he chose instead to be photographed....playing pool. People, could the message be any clearer!? Open. Your. Eyes. Caesar? Fiddle? Burning? You know, he set those fires on purpose because he wanted to remake Rome. Look it up!
What happened about the pastor that said he was given all this money by the Cochran campaign to buy the votes of the black community? Are you saying that was recanted? Do you have a link to the story?
Not the only thing. He has orchestrated this with complicit leftist Hispanic groups. This president is despicable. http://noisyroom.net/blog/2014/07/06/acorn-for-illegal-aliens-meet-the-southwest-key-programs/
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