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You sure do like talking about that kinda stuff, don't cha big boy? YEE HAWWW!
Good Idea, I Just did...
The typical Republican Party reply to criticism of its voter suppression efforts is that they are attempts to crack down on rampant voter fraud. The problem is that there is extremely little voter fraud, and from 2002 to 2007 the Bush Justice Department was unable to prosecute a single case. This has not stopped the GOP, and in 2006 the Justice Department fired two U.S. attorneys for refusing to pursue trumped-up voter fraud cases !Hey GOP if you want to defeat President so honestly. Why change the rules now... are you afraid of something?
What part of "Amendment" dont you understand?
Good boy...Now roll over so the GOtp can rub your belly and give you some updated talking points... Bark!
Who wants your guns? Please tell me, who said anything about taking your guns away? Maybe you should try a shiney new sports car to make you feel better about the areas you obviously are "lacking" in.
You mean the imaginary bearded white man in the sky? BTW: Every candidate that was endorsed by ‘GOD’ lost to Mitt Romney, that’s wierd
So cons counter appears to be guns killing children is Ok because abortion exists” Does that cover it?
Is that English?
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