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Are talking aliens are something? What is it that you cowards are so afraid of? We live among a bunch of cowards, the type that would listen to Bush tell them to shrink wrap their homes to keep the effects of chemical weapons out, or to go shopping to help the war effort...pure cowards who find safety with a cold piece of steal, and like to think of it as an extension of themselves if you know what I mean. Those who have been in the military know what I mean by gun vs. weapon
??? "When they come after you" ??? I guess the fear and paranoia the cons Feed you, really works. So sad The Constitution says we have a right to bear arms. It was written 300 years ago. We got an army, Jethro – relax
Not a gun nut ILL904? You are right...He was just a NUT Satans minions working around the clock preparing a special place in h e l l for these gun freaks who are one excuse from snapping & being the cause of another massacre..
Paranoid much?
Well, at least you have some new material...Im impressed, your head must hurt..
But you obviously can....EWWWW!
The main lesson of the Iraq War is to let recounts in Florida take place
Oh, ok...That makes texASS, how's your Sister Cousin doing?...I heard she won her the bearded lady contest...
Like the Movie Coneheads? They were pretty sharp aswell... Thanks HeepofDogPoop, 'preciate that..
You sure do like talking about that kinda stuff, don't cha big boy? YEE HAWWW!
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