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What to do About America's Low-Skill Workforce

Mitchell73 Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 7:38 PM
Thank you Michael Barone. I've spoken your message to many colleagues about the need to change our immigration quotas ... raise them countries where there are skilled, industrious, entrepreneurial people. As somebody here mentioned earlier ... no accident ... Dems want low skilled immigrants because they will vote Democratic. They're all about buying votes with their immigration policies. Instead of simply opposing them (defensive strategy), we Repubs should counter with our own vote buying policies ... entrepreneurial immigrants would be better for America and better for Repubs. Further, it would put our lazy unskilled people on notice that they don't have a monopoly on owning America's government ... they'll have to compete with the newcomers. I vote for higher quotas for Chinese, Japanese, and Indians ... lower for Europeans and Latinos. Profiling? Absolutely yes ... I want a better America ... people who understand and want wealth creation. And we should do this quickly while the American Dream is still a draw ... before the US of A becomes a cesspool.
Vince194 Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 4:29 PM
It might already be too late. The progressive takeover of the education system in America has performed beyond their wildest expectations, both dumbing-down the students and making them "good little citizens" who are PC-first. They don't teach kids to think for themselves, but as a collective. They have no intention of providing a real education or skills that could actually make someone employable. Their goal is what we see today and has been going on for decades now.