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OK, Obama and we the people are stuck with each other for the next two years. Now we need to press Hillary ... what does this weasel think about the onslaught at the southern border?
“All children in the United States are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education, regardless of their or their parents' actual or perceived national origin, citizenship, or immigration status,” ... who wrote that fact sheet and show us where that comports with existing law.
My homeowner taxes are outrageously high ... much of it goes to finance local schools. If they try to park illegal alien kids in our schools, I'll take the entire school board to court ... hey Obama, make my day.
In fact, let him and his cronies take many school boards to court and let's see other school board file amicus briefs. That would be a great showdown.
You bet I'm prejudiced ... I think America is exceptional! Keep the illegals out of locally financed schools. If Obama is hell bent on putting them in OUR schools, then let's have a court fight over that. I'd love to see his BS on national display.
Perfect SV ... perfect. I'll be using your questions ... thanks.
Keep telling lawbreakers that they have a right to plunder and we get what's going on in St. Louis ... ENOUGH!!
First things first ... the illegals should not be accepted in local schools paid for by local taxes. If Obama doesn't like that, tough $hit ... let him take the local school board to court. I'd love to see his illegal actions on national display. Guess what ... I'm pi$$ed about this!
If I understand you ... why did your local schools accept ANY of them?
More ... any school board members vote to enroll these ILLEGAL ALLIEN kids should face immediate recall. We the citizens should take these stands in our LOCAL neighborhoods.
Why in blue hell is any local school obligated to accept ILLEGAL ALIENS? Obama and the Fed government created the problem ... let them eat it!!
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