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And just how will they get here? Commercial flights?
Hey ... let's not throw one of ours under the bus.
The blind will now lead the blind (ugh).
And why does Katie need to care what Bill O'Reilly thinks ... we all know that he's an apologetic fool.
Will somebody in this administration please tell me how a flight ban will worsen the Ebola epidemic in the US ... in the world ... in Africa. It won't eliminate the possibility of Ebola entering our country, but it sure as hell will REDUCE the probability.
No Katie ... it's CRIMINAL negligence. Where are the Conservative attorneys to help us. This administration is criminally insane ... starting at the top!! If we don't get some solid legal action in opposition to Obama's criminal negligence, this country will see revolution and/or coup. I hope to God that we don't come to that.
Hey ... wouldn't that be uncle Joe?
"I felt perfectly safe." Ah, we can hope.
My 32 year old Chinese wife came here two years ago and almost immediately said "young people, you have the greatest country in the world ... don't throw it away".
Ann ... we need to seal the southern border now and announce that trespassers will be shot.
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