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Score one for you Tex, but who is the "official" who keeps HER name anonymous ... probably the Iranian.
Knock it off Tex ... nowhere in her article did Katie even suggest that the Supreme "Leader" made those shitty remarks about Bibi. It was his "officials" (probably the Iranian b_tch). Talk about chickenshit ... the "official" kept her name anonymous.
Israel came into being with Jews around the world (including this one) saying NEVER AGAIN. Are you listening Libs? There's more of us than you.
"A senior Obama administration official" ... how about telling us HER name chickenshits?
Obama is Chance the Gardener ... Jarrett runs the show.
Thank you Bibi ... we'll have more flexibility after the election. Hang tight.
Hey ... no "e" on the end of my name.
Does anyone think that Bibi would invite Ebola stricken people into his country? Bibi's older brother was the unit commander during Operation Entebbe ... courage runs in Bibi's family.
Yeah, that would certainly embarrass our Supreme "Leader".
None of us Jews outside of NYC can understand why they vote for idiot Obama and Schmuckie Schumer.
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