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Hey Jonathan ... it's also a "blatant political reality" that we Americans don't want Statism (e.g. Socialism, Communism) with its redistribution of wealth. It's also a "blatant political reality" that we Americans want wealth creation. Caught ya with your pants down ... huh.
Hey Obama ... silence is a very loud message!
This MUST win an award!!
Thank you Kara ... that's good!
Open comment to Sen Cruz: All of your stands are commendable. Lowering the spending and the deficits are necessary, but not sufficient. Adhering to the Constitution is necessary, but not sufficient. You and virtually every (real) Conservative that I know of has missed an important point: Capitalism, entrepreneurism has been America's secret sauce ... we need to articulate that EVERYDAY. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, buy everyone can support entrepreneurs ... work for them ... invest in them.
Maybe when the Left makes asinine statements like "they're coming to to run away from violence", we should press THEM for proof ... put the burden on them rather than the other way around.
People traveling from mainland China to Hong Kong are stopped and scanned by an IR detection device looking for fever. If you test positive, you are not allowed to enter and probably can't go back into mainland China either. Off to a hospital. Maybe we could learn something from China's border control methods.
Vis-a-vis immigration reform, I suggest that quotas should be set on the basis of skill levels and likelihood of assimilation. Now our quota system is mindlessly set on the basis of country name. In fact, we want people here who want to be Americans because of our values and who believe in wealth creation as a life agenda ... not wealth redistribution.
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