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gee, when you put it like that, it sounds kinda bad... ;-)
"a skit on Saturday Night Live" yep, it would be rejected as implausibly idiotic. hopefully a judge will, too.
some stuff you just can't make up.
from "Liar, Liar": "Objection, your honor!" "On what grounds?" "Uh...on the grounds that it would be devastating to my case?"
nice moral argument. they have it. you want it. therefore they are obligated to fork it over.
oh, c'mon. as if he ever had a soul to begin with...
when Dems use the term "taxpayer", they're referring to working Americans' primary job description.
heck, i'd settle for just a vicious public flogging...
and when enough of them figure out the revolving door dumps them right back on the same side they started, word will get around and they will, for the most part, STOP COMING.
the other 4% thought they were gonna get some freebies.
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