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nice moral argument. they have it. you want it. therefore they are obligated to fork it over.
oh, c'mon. as if he ever had a soul to begin with...
when Dems use the term "taxpayer", they're referring to working Americans' primary job description.
heck, i'd settle for just a vicious public flogging...
and when enough of them figure out the revolving door dumps them right back on the same side they started, word will get around and they will, for the most part, STOP COMING.
the other 4% thought they were gonna get some freebies.
exactly. they broke THE biggest, most important immigration law we have, but now that they're here they're gonna start playing by the rules? bwa. ha. ha.
"Go look at a hammer in Home Depot. " a few years ago the handle on my Stanley FatMax came loose and needed replaced. Stanley could/would not sell me a replacement handle because of the potential liability of the replacement being improperly installed, but was happy to send me a whole new hammer. in other words, it might be physically dangerous, therefore legally hazardous, to let someone fix their hammer, but apparently ok to let them have a brand new one with which to run amok. lawyers have ruined this once great nation...
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Global Warming, Empty Gestures

mitch121 Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 5:42 PM
less than 10%? when did their predictions become that good?
"socialism won't work anywhere." yes, how many times must it fail, spectacularly, before Lefties finally get the message that it's NOT simply a matter of the right people implementing it. God himself couldn't make socialism work without first creating a more perfect, more selfless, more altruistic human being. it will NEVER work with imperfect humans. capitalism works because it harnesses people's natural inclination to work hardest for themselves and their own families, to the overall benefit of society.
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