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Want a Bachelor’s Degree But Can’t Afford One? Earn a “10K-B.A.”

mistermilo Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 12:05 PM
Jeff- I served in the military. I attended 20 weeks of school. After the military, my basics got me a job with a major corporation. There were classes form time to time about new and changing technology. I had top drop out of my first year of college studies to take the job. I am old and retired now, but when younger and on the job, I can tell you that I helped staff at Harvard and MIT to learn about IT , programming and systems. So, I do not agree with all you say. Where I do agree is in the communications part of the business. Some could not spell, nor structure a sentence properly, but most of that was overcome , over time, by software and editors. There is a balance in what can be learned online in class.

It’s no secret that higher education costs are skyrocketing (the average price tag for one year at a private university in 2011 was about $33,000), while at the same time graduates are finding it increasingly harder to find decent paying jobs -- or a job, for that matter. Sure, the unemployment rate among college graduates is substantially lower than, say, the national average, but is it really worth spending four years in college accumulating hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt only to face diminishing job prospects upon graduation? Perhaps it is. But the good news is that...