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Rx for the Mass. GOP: Clarity and Conviction

mistermilo Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 2:46 PM
robyn I am an old man from Southie. I left MA in '69 and would never go back, even if they let me live in the Governor's mansion. I believe Chicago learned everything they know from Boston. I do miss the few old friends that are still alive. I go back to visit about once every 5 years. Very nostalgic, then I hear the folks talk about politics and I am back listening to my neighbors walking through the street the first campaign for Teddy singing Camelot. It truly is a place where [people can say I am a Democrat because my parents are and their parents before them were, without a single independent logical thought. I live in Georgia now too.

WHEN WHITTAKER CHAMBERS broke with the Communist Party, he mournfully declared that he knew he was "leaving the winning side for the losing side." Compared with today's Massachusetts GOP, Chambers was a cockeyed optimist.

Last week's election was a misery for Bay State Republicans. US Senator Scott Brown lost his "people's seat" to Elizabeth Warren. Scandal-tainted incumbent John Tierney survived Richard Tisei's challenge in the 6th Congressional District. And the tiny Republican band on Beacon Hill grew tinier: Three GOP state representatives were ousted, giving Democrats a 130-30 advantage in the House and 36 of the Senate's 40 seats.

For Massachusetts...