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Ron Paul Says Goodbye

mistermilo Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 11:06 AM
You are confusing what you deserve with what Dr Paul deserves . What have you done for us lately? Other than peas and moan? How many bills have you helped to pass? How much good have you done in the world. And I remind you that I was not a Ron Paul voter. Your blind prejudice makes you look like a hater.

Presidential candidate and long time Representative Ron Paul said goodbye yesterday on the House floor as he prepares to make his exit from Congress after 23 years. He explained his consistent views throughout the past two decades and berated Washington for refusing to change or make hard decisions when it comes to the future. 

As the father of what many characterize as the buoyant, bi-partisan New Liberty Movement, Paul shared “the plain truth” about Washington, America’s current national crisis and the greatest threats to the future.

Paul began by explaining his goals in 1976:...