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How Republicans Can Start to Win on Immigration

mistermilo Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 11:10 AM
"Increased high-skilled immigration is almost universally supported by economists as a net gain for the American economy and all Americans." The same economists who still push the outdated comparative advantage argument? The same economjsts who cannot explain why there is an H1B for IT grads when the number of American grads from our colleges exceeded the number of openings.? The same economists who signed on for NAFTA, CAFTA?? The same economists who watched as our manufacturing industry was moved overseas with millions of jobs?? The same economists who seem to believe that anyone can be trained for any jobs?Same economists who for the past 40 years have argued that being able to buy products for cheap have protected our American jobs??
HarleyStar Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 12:36 PM
Yep, those same economists.

There is no shortage of technical labor in this country. There's only a shortage of CHEAP technical labor.

I really don't understand why white America has a death wish.
There has been no shortage of post-mortems after Barack Obama's sweeping victory in November's elections, but the dominant story line is that the Republican Party should focus more on how its message can empower minority groups and tailor their rhetoric toward how a GOP platform helps everyone, not just majority groups. A good example would be Mara Liasson's NPR story on the subject.

One of the major issues that various insurgent elements in the GOP has pushed for is immigration reform. President George W. Bush and 2008 GOP nominee John McCain made a major push for an immigration...