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Will Detroit Climb Out of Bankruptcy?

mistermilo Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 12:36 PM
Detroit is a classic example of government's heavy hand interfering in the private enterprise. They do it, first, with taxes. Then they begin to reach inside the corporations and attempt to make everything equal based on human factors that do not deal with the skill and talents of the employees, but with what has been called social justice. This then attracts many people to come to that area, in this case, Detroit, for perceived equality and job opportunity. Eventually the numbers vastly exceed the jobs available. Not an uncommon experience. During the depression my Dad chased jobs and moved where they were said to exist. Then the government steps in, interferes with the ability of business to grow until the businesses decide the restrictions are to onerous to promote success and they move out.
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Jobs Mirage Caught Up with Obama, Dems

mistermilo Wrote: Nov 08, 2014 9:21 AM
How many of the 214,000 jobs went to citizens and how many to illegals? I really think with our current circumstances those are legitimate and separate numbers to be reported.
Full disclosure--I am not a trained observer of people. I do, though, fancy myself as a fairly good judge of facial expressions and body language. I believe that Hillary , so to speak, "mailed it in" in her appearances. She appeared to have no zest, no pep for her tired arguments and proposals. I think that she is at the same level of malaise as our President where the only things that keep her going are--I am not sure-- perhaps it is that she believes it is expected of her. Perhaps she believes the fawning words of her followers. Whatever it is, she will not find peace and happiness until he realizes that the fire is out and the ashes are no longer embers.
Before they will listen to the gas They get up, walk out en masse They find that the man has no class And decide that they'd rather pass!
The Morlocks like it the way it is. Peel me a grape!
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Houston's Mayor is Villian not Hero

mistermilo Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 5:15 PM
The 1% are running the country.
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Sisters of Mercy

mistermilo Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 5:13 PM
Mr Linder- A fine article. I no longer attend services. The act of helping to lead congregants to salvation gas long since been replaced by socialist/communist efforts. Today's clerical figures are little concerned with salvation of the soul.They seem more concerned in being a religious version of the Salvation Army or Obama supporters.
Or perhaps with his great mystical powers, he is putting a stop to the spread of Ebola. Too bad it is not to the stop of the administration's lies.
I wouldn't vote for that turncoat in a million years. I would write in a candidate that is pro American and anti illegal immigration forgiveness.
PS This old man believes Obama wants Assad out of Syria because, among other things, Syria had one of the least restrictive policies about other religions. He could not allow a man to run Syria that allowed the practice of non Muslim religions. I would have chosen Assad for stability in the region.
The man in charge- got rid of Mubarrak and got the Muslim Brotherhood into Egypt. Fortunately, Egypt was strong enough to spit Obama's choice back in his face. Got Qadaffi killed in Libya--why? because Muammar Qadaffi had rolled back, way back, his efforts against America after his daughter was killed. Has announced each of America's military decisions about the Middle East, so that the Brotherhood can plan. Reduced troops in Iraq leaving the emerging Iraqi army without trust in us or belief in themselves. Obama's Muslim goals stand out and shout look at what Obamna did, and it is not good and yet American buttheads still give that treasonous Caliphate supporter almost 40% favorable rating.
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