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Abortion is murder. Just because all of our governments do not classify it as such doesn't change that fact.
The homo agenda demands much more than anything goes marriage. They demand that we except: That some people are gay and they should be treated the same as everyone else. (This few people I know have any problem with). Their anything goes sexual life style. (The several homosexual men that I know have a problem with this one) Their in your face politics. (Gay pride parades. Dancing naked in the streets... you should get the point) Gays in the Boy Scouts. Transsexuals in the girls bathroom. Gay teachers. Two mommies. Two daddies. I could go on but editing in this little window is tough.
Chester don't you see that what you describe is what we have today.
LOL because I have to assume you are trying to be funny.
I don't know about the official stance on the matter but this libertarian views abortion as murder. As should all right thinking people.
No MacQ because it isn't a duck . It is amnesty.
It was exactly what you said Smitty. Jason just added that there is "not a good chance of that happening".
The NSA doesn't do anything with their data. They collect and analyze it then pass it on to their boss. The NSA works for the president.
If we forget it's a sure bet that Rand Paul will remind us.
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