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Sore Loser? Darned Straight

Missourimule2 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:42 AM
My problem is that Obama and his team won by lying and distorting and burying the facts . . . . . by destroying the reputations of truly good and decent people . . . . . . of viciously attacking what is good and traditional and right . . . . and the voters said, "right on!". If that's what it takes to win, are we capable of sinking down to their level? Do we want to?

For four years Americans watched as the Obama administration delivered body blow after body blow to our economy, institutions, heritage, system of government, and world standing. Here is the Obama record:

The most people in poverty, in deep poverty, on food stamps, on welfare, on SSDI, jobless longer than 26 weeks, 43 straight months with unemployment over 8%, a lowest workforce participation rate since 1981, the largest debt, deficit spending, drilling permits denied, moratoriums put in place, bailouts, laws ignored, years without passing a budget, nationalized health care and student loans, state control of lending institutions and...